Monday, April 11, 2011

Allergy-friendly Easter Treats

Traditionally, Easter baskets are filled with chocolate, jelly beans, stuffed animals and all sorts of other items which are unsafe for children with allergies. 

Here are some allergy-friendly items that the Easter bunny often puts in our baskets:

Play dough (home-made or store-bought) in plastic eggs

Plastic eggs filled with safe candy


Gardening supplies

Pencils, erasers, sharpeners

Notepads or coloring books

Easter video (great if you are traveling that day)

Ribbons, ties, purses, barrettes or other accessories to wear with our Easter clothes




Family games

Fruit tied with a bow

Special cup or mug


Coupons for: "An extra trip to the park", "Get out of chores for a day", "Stay up an extra _____ minutes", "Dinner of choice", "30 minute activity of choice with Mom or Dad"

For some more good ideas, check out this blog post by Slave To Target.

What allergy-friendly items does YOUR bunny put in the basket?

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