Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year 2012!

Se-he-bog Mani-pa-ju-seo! 
Happy Lunar New Year!

The Dduk Guk is cooked and the Dduk is made.  We have stories ready to share and our traditional clothes are clean.  I have been to the bank and prepare some new dollar bills.  Everything is ready for our celebration!

We will begin the day with bows from our angel.  As our angel kneels at our feet,  we will give our daughter "good words", or advice, for the coming year.   Once we finish, we give our little one a fresh crisp dollar bill.  We will eat our meal and then head to friends houses where we will repeat the money-bearing ritual until we return home to enjoy our time as family.  We will play games and hear stories of our ancestors.  We will spend time together.

Lunar New Year's Day is a busy one.  But, it is also rich in customs of generations past.  It is a day that helps our young ones understand who they are.  It cements us together in the rich history of a land far away.  It is what makes us family.

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