Monday, February 13, 2012

Love my Sushi!

Not enough green?  Toss some sprouts with a dash of oil, salt, sugar, and lemon then serve under or on the side of the sushi.  Feel the need for a sauce?  Drizzle with honey to bring ou the natural sweetness of the fish and beets.

Love My Sushi!

cooked sushi rice
rice vinegar
steamed beets
sliced smoked salmon (lox)
heart-shaped cookie cutter

Mix sushi rice.
Cut whole beet into heart shape using a paring knife.
Using a mandoline, cut the heart-shaped beet into thin heart slices.
Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut pieces of lox into hearts.
Place a spoon of prepared sushi rice in the palm of your hand.
Form the rice into a small log.
Place a thin slice of beet and a heart-shaped piece of lox on top of the rice.

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