Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm sick of it.... and I'm back!

I'm not sure if it is the steroids, the lack of sleep,
or the oxygen that is finally able to reach my lungs but I am full of stuff to share!

We have been sick here.  Actually, sick is a bit of an understatement.  Just in the last week alone, I found myself mentally preparing for a trip to the ER, the potential of hospital admission, and all for my sick little angel.  Uncountable times, I thought through the plan and questioned whether we should wait through the night to see our pediatrician or head down to the hospital, STAT.

The worst is finally over.  Our health is improving.  And... we have the meds, tissue boxes and home remedies to prove it!  With a little extra congestion here and an extended nap there, we are slowly getting back to our routines. 

And, for me, that includes YOU! 

I am sick of being sick and ready to write.  My mind is full of ideas that I want to tell you about.  I have some crazy new recipes including a fish for our Firday fasters.  Then, for St. Paddy's Day, I am going to "corn", or cure, my own allergy-friendly, nitrate-free beef brisket!  What?!  Oooohhh, yes I am!  That means one half hour to prep the meat and more than 240 hours to "corn" it.  But, it is going to be easy and fun!

All of this excitement begins tomorrow!  We'll kick it off with our "Going Green for St. Patrick" plan. I will let you know what we are planning for Saturday, March 17th.  I will tell you what's on the menu, what we are doing for fun, and even share my angel's favorite craft!  Then, back by popular demand is our "Lenten Fish on Friday".  Each Friday, I will post either an old, a new, or a found recipe for fish.  As many of you fast your way through the holiday, I want to encourage you with some delicious recipes like "Sweet Molasses! Salmon" or "Fried Popcorn Scallops", to name only a few.  I have great stuff coming and I just can't wait!

I hope that you will join in the fun..... beginning............ TOMORROW!

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