Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is your bear prepared?

Today was "Bring Your Bear to School Day" for my little one.  As we discussed which bear could safely go to school, come home and be washed, my angel informed me that her bear was not yet ready to go to school.  You see, this little bear has food allergies and never been to school before.  Our bear has never been away from its mommy and may not remember all that it should to stay safe.  This fact was of great concern for my angel and she knew that it was her job to prepare her little bear to face the world.

After arriving home, my angel went straight to work teaching her little bear what it needs to know before going to school.  Here is what she recommended:
  • Do not take foods from others.
  • Wash your hands before you eat and after you touch something dangerous or play on the playground.
  • Tell your teacher if you need help or feel strange.
  • Always ask if something is safe before you touch it.
  • Never, ever take off your medical emergency bracelet.
I thought that this advice was pretty sound and just enough for one little bear to manage.

Allergic angels are so responsible, even at a young age.   Throughout any given day, children with allergies must think about things that most of us never give a second thought.  Every action, new sensation and interesting object must be scrutinized before they are free to play like a kid.  But, with our help, these angels learn to do this with ease and grace.

I am proud of my angel.  She is raising a responsible little bear who will be ready to face the challenges ahead.  Our little bear is ready for school and can now focus on what really matters.... growing up!

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