Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you may not be enough

Today, in the US, we recognize the sacrifices of our veterans.  As many of us take a break from school and work, please take a moment to remember those who give, and who have given, so much for us.

Sesame Street made a video to support military families as they make their adjustments home.  While this video will surely support those families, I also think that it shows us depth of the sacrifices made on our behalf.  Take a moment and watch this wonderful Sesame Street video, "Meet Elmo and Louie".
Then, say a prayer for those who serve in our military and the families that support them at home.

We may never fully understand all that they have done and the impact that it has on their individual lives.  But, as we stop our lives in their honor, let us reach out to those who serve and give them more than a thank you.  Give a hug to the vets visiting nearby monuments.  Take dinner to the elderly veteran who has no one to visit.  Listen to the stories of the homeless person who served and is still suffering. Babysit the kids of the family down the street whose wife is returning from service and whose husband has been holding things together.  Send dessert to the table of the military family eating across the room from you.  Whatever you do today, take time today to show love to those families who give so much for you.

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