Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Days,School Days...

Each year, on the first day of school, my father would parade through the house singing that old song, "School Days". You know the one:

School days, school days
Dear and golden rule days
Reading and writing and arithmetic
I'm not sure what words actually come next because, by this point in the song, my brother and I were buried under our covers and screaming, "Da-ad! Sto-o-p!" Looking back, I think that my father took great pride in singing this and making us squirm just a little!
This morning is our angels first day of school and time for us to begin what will soon become our family's first day traditions. So, before we grab the school bucket or eat dad's celebration pancakes (more on these in upcoming blogs), I, too, will wake up our sleeping angel by singing that same tired old song, "School days, school days....". Then, maybe, as I wait for the grumpy screams from under the covers, I will crack a little smile!


  1. My Mom would sing the same song... Maybe G would enjoy this more than get up... I have learned something from last year, G needs to wake up slowly so I call or go in her room 15 early and let her slowly wake up... It has made the morning here so much easier.

  2. Actually the angel woke us up in the morning. We were struggling in waking up from the tiredness and laziness, but she snugged in the bed after playing by herself hours and pull and push the blanket and eventually we gave up.