Monday, September 13, 2010

Snack Match: Cereal with Milk

A snack match is an allergy-friendly snack that nutritionally and/or visually resembles a popular children's snack.

This week's snack is: Cereal with Milk

Snack Match substitute: Rice chex and rice puffs with dried fruit and Juice

With all of the new allergy awareness, many allergic children are able to find safe cereal or milk substitutes. However, that is not always possible for children who have multiple food allergies. For example, if you are allergic to dairy, nuts and soy, then you can not use traditional milks nor nut or soy "milks". There are rice milks available which are a good solution for many who can tolerate rice but in our case, my angel is also allergic to canola oil and so that removes this option as well. (Canola oil is added to rice milk for texture.) So, you can see the struggle with a simple snack like cereal with milk.

As for the cereals, this is actually easier since there are a few rice only options for those who can not tolerate any grains except rice. Rice is generally perceived as a good alternative for those who need gluten-free grains or with grain allergies. In the western parts of the world, rice allergies are generally uncommon. However, this being said, it is important for everyone to remember that in allergic children, anything can be or become an allergy, especially with increased exposure. Also, while white rice might be safe, brown rice may not. So, be aware!

Rice Chex and rice puffs with Dried Fruit and Juice

Mix Rice Chex and rice puffs with a safe dried fruit. Mixing these gives a little added variety and nutrition to the snack. Pour your favorite "safe" juice over the mixture and enjoy.

Our favorite mix is a little dried cranberries with 100% pear juice. It takes a little while to get over the idea that this is not milk on your cereal but that being said, the result tastes good and the nutritional value is high!

NOTE:Be sure to read the juice bottle/box label to ensure that there is ONLY juice and that the juicing is not done on shared equipment. Many juice companies add dairy based additives to increase nutrition or oils to change texture. Read your labels and if you don't know what an ingredient is or what food it is derived from then you should eat it until you do!

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  1. Also there are more kinds of rices.
    by shape : Long grain, short grain, and middle size ( ? )
    There more so many ways to count rice;
    brown, sweet, Jasmin, wild, sticky( non-sticky ) ...

    The brown and sweet rice seems to have more allergens than pure white rice.