Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where are the Dot to Dots?

I had a fun discussion with a clerk in the bookstore yesterday.  I was buying some of those watercolor sheets by Melissa and Doug.  The ones where you use a dab of water to activate the color and then paint until your hearts content.  As I checked out, the clerks and I began to ask:  "Where have all the watercolor books gone?"  I don't mean these new fancy ones that let you color the picture any way you want.  I mean, the old fashioned ones with little color dots all over the page.  When you wet the dots with water, they become paint for you to color the picture.  Where have they gone?

As we contemplated this loss of a great childhood friend.  One of the clerks said that the dot-to-dots were gone, too!  What?!  No more dot-to-dots?  He informed us that you can find two or three pages of them in coloring books and that no more.  So watercoloring books and no dot-to-dots!

I can't bring back the watercolor books so, in honor of the lost dot-to-dots, here are links to some fun ones that I found online:

Activity Village is one of my favorite sites for all things printable.  They have dot-to-dots.  Here are some for Halloween:

Here are some other sites with dot-to-dots: has dot-to-dots like this fall leaf. has dot-to-dots like these for Halloween:
Jack-o-lantern face
Haunted mansion
Black cat has dot-to-dots like the Mushroom  or the Apples that use counting by 5. has dot-to-dots like this gardening teddy bear.

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  1. Here's a suggestion from friends at Dot-to-dot software!