Thursday, January 20, 2011

the BugaBees Book Giveaway!

sent me a copy of her picture book.  Now, I am sending it to one of you!

Which BugaBee are you?

Cricket who is allergic to peanuts?
Beetle who is allergic to milk?
Ladybug who is allergic to fish?
Caterpillar who is allergic to wheat?
Butterfly who is allergic to shellfish?
Firefly who is allergic to tree nuts?
Bumblebee who is allergic to eggs?
Dragonfly who is allergic to soy?

You're not any of these BugaBees? 
Then, what bug would you be and why?

To be entered in a drawing for a copy of Amy Recob's book, tell me your answer by:

Adding it in a comment on this post,
Tweeting me @AllergicAngel #BugaBees,
or in a comment on the Bugabees giveaway link at My Angel's Allergies on FB

Remember:  If you post a comment anonymously, I will enjoy reading the comment but,
if you win, I will not know who you are!  So, be sure to use those UserIDs or logins!

Entries will be accepted until the time of the drawing on Tuesday, January 25, 2011.
For a review of the book, see my post the BugaBees: friends with food allergies.
For the complete rules, see Contest and Giveaway Rules.

I can't wait to see which bug you are!


  1. I would be a beetle or a bumblebee (or a firefly, but that one's not confirmed yet). Of the two, I'd pick a bumblebee because that's cuter. Oh yes, and I'm allergic to milk, eggs, maybe nuts, and many other uncommon allergies. Right now I only know that they "hurt the belly" but I don't know how to explain to other people what I can't eat. I love food, so I'd eat anything anyone gave me (scary!) -- Isaiah

  2. I would be a ladybug... I could live without fish but 'm not sure if I could live without some of the other foods.

  3. I am a semi beetle. My tummy gets upset when I drink milk straight. This looks like a cute book!