Monday, January 31, 2011

Lunar New Year: Crafts

I always try to have crafts available for all of the little angels that visit my house.  I try to associate them with upcoming holidays so that they can better relate to the celebrations.  This year, we'll be making "dumplings" and paper rabbits.  You can find the links to the crafts below.

Here are some ideas from

Felt Dumplings:  Dumplings are an important part of any New Year celebration but, at our house, they are difficult to make because of the grain allergies.  So.....why not make felt dumplings?!  They are a perfect addition to any angel's little kitchen.  I mean, what better to way to build traditions than letting the little ones pretend to set their own holiday table! 

Origami Bunny:  You can use an index card to make this bunny, perfect for the Year of the Rabbit.  And,  he really hops!

Paper Plate Rabbit:  This rabbit may not hop but it is perfect for the little ones who aren't quite ready to fold origami.  This bunny would be a perfect decoration around the table!

I also usually print out a few coloring pages and puzzles for those moments when the kids just need to fill a little time!  There are lots to choose from at

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