Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lunar New Year: Year of the Rabbit

Soon, the Lunar New Year will be celebrated by many people around the world.  According to the calendar that follows the moon, it will be Januray 1st.  Of course, to us sun worshippers, it will be February 3rd! It is said that this will be the beginning of a year full of manners and intuition; it will be the year of the rabbit. 

Preparations are well under way in our home.  We have purchased beef bones for Dduk guk, rice flour for Dduk, and oranges for our snacks.  I am looking for crafts for the kids and have pulled out our traditional clothes.  Just like Christmas, the excitement is building in our house.

I hope that you will follow along as we get ready for this celebration.  I will share the foods and the crafts as we get ready for the Year of the Rabbit.

Here's the plan:
Simple Rice Cakes (Dduk)
Traditional Dduk Guk (Rice Cake Soup)
Year of the Rabbit Crafts
A toast to the Year of the Rabbit

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