Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss and Chase: Play it Safe

Can you remember back in the 4th grade when we all used to run around playing that old game of Kiss-and-Chase?  It was the one where the boys chased the girls and tried to kiss them.  Can you remember waiting until that one special boy started chasing you and you secretly ran slower just so he could catch you?  Oh, I clearly remember those days.  I remember playing it when I was 6 and thought that all boy's kisses had "cooties".  I also remember well the day that I decided that boys "cooties weren't so bad after all!

While I don't think that kids today are even allowed to play that game any more, when I think of my angel playing that game, I see all of the dangerous possibilities that lie before her.  This one ate peanuts before playing or that one ate eggs for breakfast.  Heck, now they even say that the food proteins stay in the mouth for days so if someone's angel ate Asian food within the last few days, their little peck on my angel's cheek would surely mean a hospital visit and potentially even death.

My angel is still little and the only kisses that I have to worry about, for now, are those that come from us or the grandparents.  But, it won't be long before kiss-and-chase becomes a reality.  It won't be long before someone else realizes how special my angel is and shows it with a kiss.

Every parent knows that kissing is just part of growing up.  We can not stop our kids and those who love them from showing affection.  Kids with Food Allergies realizes this, too.  They have published a guide to safe smooching entitled "Are you a careful kisser? How to smooch safely with food allergies".  The rules of engagement have changed as more and more people develop food allergies.  This guide is a great start to protecting those we love.

So, this Valentine's Day, while you are cuddling and smooching, don't forget that kissing can spread more than germs.  Ask before you smooch and think about what you've eaten.  Wash hands, face and mouth well.  Kiss on the cheek when you can and save those lip kisses for that one person you love most.

Valentine's Day is a day for loving and laughing.  Do it!  Play kiss and chase.  Run slow.  Let someone catch you.  Go get you some "sugar"!  But, also remember - smooching safely means that the fun will continue.  One unsafe kiss can spoil a memory forever.


  1. Wow, something I hadn't thought about. Scary.

  2. I had the same reaction the first time that I thought about this. Now, we periodically have the "Who can kiss our lips?" discussion.