Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Third Place! How exciting!

A sincere and special thanks to each of you who voted in the KoreaTaste.org blogging contest.  Your encouragement and comments have always been a blessing to me.  I was just notified of the results; they are as follows:

Grand Prize:  Jamie Frater
Second Prize:  kmac1047
Third Prize:  MarieWebb8, Camille17, AllergicAngel

WOW!  I am so honored by this.  I feel as though I've just won a Grammy!  Thank you again to each one of you for your continued support.

The other winning blogs were well done.  I have enjoyed reading them throughout the contest and hope that they will continue to contribute their stories to KoreaTaste.  I believe you will find the winning blog particularly well done....do take a look at the work of these great writers.

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