Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Get your PEAR on...

Here is a contest that I can really get behind:  Pear-ca-so!   The Pacific Northwest Canned Pears Service is holding a pear art contest for children age 5-18.  The children are asked to create an original artwork with their pear.  It may be edible or inedible, stand-alone or animated.... whatever it is, it must be creative and original pear art.  The winner of the contest receives $500 in art and school supplies from Smilemakers.  What fun!

With an allergy to apples, pears are a major part of our fruit intake.  I can't wait to get our pear on and make some fruity fun!

Contest details can be found at http://eatcannedpears.com/pearcassocontest/

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