Friday, November 18, 2011

This year, we are keeping Thanksgiving simple.  We have been invited to a neighbors house so I do not have to cook..... or, do I?  When living with an allergic child, there really is no break from cooking.  While restaurants may be able to avoid nuts or eggs or grains, they can not accomodate the two page list of foods which we must avoid to keep our angel healthy.  And, no matter how well intentioned friends, neighbors, and even relative may be, it is not long before they realize what a task it is to prepare foods when avoiding so many allergens.  So, while I may not be cooking a Thanksgiving feast for all to enjoy, my angel eagerly waits to see what safe foods are on "Four Angels Only" menu!

A Feast for an Angel

Cranberry-Glazed Cornish Hens

Downhome Mirepoix Rice, substituting long grain white rice for medium grain rice

Dressed-Up Cranberry Sauce

Another "Kinda" Sweet Potato Casserole

Roasted Baby Beet and Korean Pear Salad

Pumpkin No-Nuts with Maple Glaze

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