Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is here - Halloween is coming!

This weekend, I pulled out my orange boxes with all of my fall goodies in them. We set out the pumpkins, planted the fall flowers, and hung the witches and cats. With the new chill in the air, it was the perfect time to usher in fall!

There was excitement in the air as we ran room to room deciding where to put each fun thing that we pulled from the box. But, while we dream of costumes and fun, I must also begin to prepare for all the moments that my little angel will encounter candy this month.

Along with many American families, we don't do candy at Halloween. Well, I shouldn't say that. Actually, my daughter thinks that Trick-or-Treating means putting on a costume to collect candy for Dad! But, that is a story for another blog! At my house, part of getting ready for fall celebrations is preparing a bowl of treats to share with friends who visit our house. I begin keeping an eye open about a month ahead watching $1 bins, Halloween aisles, OrientalTrading.com etc. I mix the items up, adding to them as I find new things, and place them in a variety of jars. Each time my angel or her friends do something note worthy, I let them pick a treat from the bowl. This year's collection included a jar of tiny playdough tubs which are saved for days when an extra special treat is due!

As you are getting ready for fall festivals and Halloween surprises, don't forget that it doesn't have to be all about the candy. Hang some decorations, give each other surprises, or pick some apples. I challenge you to find allergy-friendly, healthy alternatives to candy this year. Include something that keeps the mommies from munching and the little ones equally safe and happy. Then, tell me, when I reach in your bowl this Halloween, what will I find?

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