Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pajama Party!

Once a week, usually while my hubby is occupied elsewhere, my angel and I have a pajama party. It is nothing too fancy - just our pajamas, dinner, and a movie- all at the same time!

Tonight is another one of those nights -its Pajama Party night! I've roasted up some chicken wings, tossed some pasta with veggies and have the lemonade ready - we're watching "Madagascar".

These little parties with my angel have become one of those special things that we do together. She can't wait when I tell her that we are going to have a PJ Party. I let her pick the movie and I try to tailor the dinner to match in some way. For example, Chinese-style dinner complete with the little boxes when we watch "Kungfu Panda". Or fish with salad when we watch "Finding Nemo". It is not always easy finding a dinner match, though. Try thinking of something thematic for Barbie's "The Island Princess"!

Give these fun little parties a try. Pull out your leftovers, park in front of the sofa, put on your favorite film and enjoy the moment. These nights will quickly become cherished memories for your little angels.

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