Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pot-O-Gold Snack

So much fun is derived from sharing the joy of food with our children.  But, when food allergies come into play, it is easy to let the natural limitations rob us of that joy.  Today's snack puts the joy back into food. 

We are making a pot of gold....or is it fool's gold?  Let your kids decide!  We will use jello to make the pot and then fill it with the "gold".  For a little bling, we are topping it all off with edible gold dust.  Edible gold is pure gold which is mixed with silver (instead of the usual inedible metals like copper) to form a 23K or 24K gold that is safe for consumption*.  Let's get out that gold dust, strap the aprons on your little one's and create a fun food for everyone to enjoy.

Pot-O-Gold Jello Snack
1 box grape Jello
2 box lemon or apricot Jello
hot water
cold water
1 shaker of edible gold dust**
small clear glass bowls or small, clear plastic cups
9x13 glass casserole dish (optional)
  1. Using the hot and cold water, mix the grape Jello according to the box directions.
  2. Pour the Jello into the bowls or cups and chill.
  3. When the Jello is "set", remove the cups from the refrigerator.
  4. Scoop the Jello out of the center of each cup, leaving about a 1/4 inch rim around the edges and bottom of the container.
  5. At this point, you have a choice as to the method used, depending on your time and you children's skill levels: the fill and sprinkle method or the cube and cover technique
  6. The Fill and Sprinkle Method:  Mix the lemon or apricot Jello according to the package directions.  Pour the liquid Jello into the center of each cup, filling it to the edge of the remaining grape Jello.  Place the cups back into the refrigerator.  Once the Jello is "set", sprinkle with edible gold dust.
  7. The Cube and Cover Technique:  While the grape Jello is "setting", mix the lemon or apricot Jello according to the recipe for Jigglers.  Once "set", remove from the refrigerator.  Using a knife, cut lines across the length and width of the dish to form cubes.  Run warm water on the outside of the dish. Run your knife around the inside edges of the dish then turn the dish over onto a clean cutting board or cookie sheet.  The jigglers should fall out.  If they do not, gently run your knife under the jigglers and loosen them up inside of the dish.  Sprinkle the jigglers  with edible gold dust and arrange them in the center of the hollowed grape Jello bowls or cups.  Make sure the gold dusted sides face up. Depending on how your jigglers came out of the dish, you may find it easier to fill the grape pot and sprinkle the edible gold dust over the jigglers once they are in place.
  8. Enjoy!
*  Edible Gold is made from pure gold and silver.  There are no other substances used in the manufacturing of this product and therefore, unless you are allergic to gold or silver, edible gold should be allergy safe.    For more information on edible gold or silver, visit the "Edible Gold and Silver Leaf Facts" page on

**  To control allergens, the best way to get your edible gold, is to order it directly from one of the online dealers.  Some local baking and restaurant supply stores carry gold leaf, gold dust, or gold flakes.  Locally, I was able to find the gold leaf but it was being sold by the leaf and not in an allergy-controlled environment.  I also found it on, but, it was being sold by the companies listed below and at a higher price.  To save money, I went directly to the source.  Here are the links:  Located on the west coast; sells edible gold leaf, flakes, and dust  Located on the east coast; sells edible gold leaf, flakes, and dust; sells edible silver leaf, flakes, or dust

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  1. I haven't tested it but it should be really good. What's bad with the GOLD.