Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainbow Reward Chart

Last week, I started making this Pot O Gold Scarf from www.childmadetutorials.blogspot.com but in the midst of a mommy brain moment, I purchased felt instead of fleece.  Well, we assembled the rainbows and had an idea.  Instead of scarves, how about reward charts?!

We have been struggling here with three aspects of our routine:  keeping the schedule, doing our chores, and wearing our eye patch.  I have been giving rewards for the eye patch but a reward chart might actually help all of these things!  We are starting this as a motivation for wearing the eye patch and if all goes well, we will add other earning opportunities along the way. 

Here is how it works:
  1. Make a rainbow chart using felt material and the instructions for the "Pot O Gold Scarf", omitting the pot.  We made our rainbows about 15 inches each then added a cloud at each end.
  2. Cut a "U" shaped piece of black felt 12 inch smaller than the width of the rainbow.  This will become the pot for your gold.  Fold the top of the "U" down 1/4 inch and pin.  Begining at the top, cut a slight hour-glass figure to give the pot form.
  3. Pin this pot on top of one of the clouds at the bottom of your rainbow and sew in place.
  4. Stick a 1/4 inch piece of velcro hooks to the back of a buch of plastic gold coins.
  5. Stick the gold coins on the clouds at the bottom of the pot.
  6. As your angel is caught doing something that you like, give them a piece of gold for their rainbow.  At the end of the day, they may move the gold from their rainbow to their pot. 
  7. The gold may be spent in the family "store" for mystery items, adventure days, extra trip to the park, breakfast for dinner, or whatever excites your angels.  Be sure that your store has a variety of purchase opportunities for all price ranges.

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