Sunday, April 22, 2012

Clean & Green: R3 Day

Today is Earth Day!  It is the day when we remember to care for our Earth.  It is a day to do something that beautifies or preserves the land that God gave us.  It is a day to practice the 3R's!

Reduce:   Use less.  Turn off the lights.  Unplug for a day.  Avoid plastic bags.  Consume your leftovers. Use less gas.  Use less water.  Just use less.

Reuse:  Wash out the plastic bags and use them again.  Place coffee grinds and crushed egg shells around a plant as fertilizer.  Use old jars to store leftovers or craft supplies.  Use rinse water for watering plants and kiddie pool water for watering lawn.

Recycle:  Turn your trash into something new. Cut and tape cereal boxes for shipping.  Make art with your old Christmas cards.  Take your paper, plastic, electronics, construction, glass, automotive, construction, garden, and household waste to the appropriate recycling centers.  

Recharge your batteries.
Repurpose a plastic bottle into a plant watering vessel.
Refrain from using disposable towels.
Upcycle old clothes into reusable shopping bags.
Repair broken electronics.

These websites had great R3 ideas:

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