Monday, April 9, 2012

New Life, Better Health: Playground Fitness

Thera-Band Exercise Bands
Most of the time, my blog focuses on the food and events that we face as parents of allergic children.  However, the plight of a "normal" child isn't always so different from ours.  And, the challenges for parents of those children often parallel the challenges that we face, allergic or otherwise.  The health of our families, our children, and ourselves is one such area.  As parents and children, we all strive to eat foods that are healthy for us and, although what is healthy for you may not be the same thing that is healthy for me, we all share the same goal to eat healthy.  Fitness is another such area.  Experts agree on the benefits of exercise for both children and adults alike.  But, while we may readily take our kids to the park or send them out to play, as parents, we often sell ourselves short in the area of fitness.  Today's post is for those of you who, like I, struggle to find the time and the willpower to make fitness a priority.

In our house, we make pretty sound food choices.  Fresh fruits, garden veggies, and almost nothing manufactured.  There are always the occasional cookies and the coffees with milk or sugar but on the whole, we eat healthy.  However, it is time for a confession.  While my family lives to sweat, I do not!  I am quite happy to be the mom that stands near the kids, watching them safely play while never joining in to kick the ball or run the race, myself.  THIS HAS TO CHANGE!

Many months ago, around Jan 1st, I believe...  I vowed to do better.  I vowed to take my angel with me on walks and to participate more at the playground.  It never happened.  Oh, I tried.  But between sickness and laziness, well, it just never happened.  But, Easter is a time of new life; a time for our past sins to be forgiven and the dead to live again.  So, this Easter, I began my quest to live again; I began my quest for better health.   My body is my temple and I want it to honor God.  (1 Cor. 6:19-20)  Rise up with me and let's make a change together.  Let's lay our sins of laziness at the cross and take up the habits which lead to a better life.  Let's make our hearts healthy and happy.

Exercise seems like the best place to start so today I begin my quest for a better body, a holier temple , and a healthier me with a walk in the park and an exercise to strengthen those "posture" muscles.  I am excited because these exercises can be done at the playground while I watch my little ones play.  Today's post by Jon Ham of Fitness on the RunBody Weight Back Exercises: Don't Get Bullied off the Playground is perfect.  It has easily varied levels of difficulty and I don't need any fancy equipment.  Since I don't have the equipment used in the video, I am going to try my elastic exercise bands or a rope thrown over the branch of a shaded tree along the walking path.

Cheer me on!  Rise up and join me!  Let's build a healthy body for ourselves and our kids!


  1. Thanks for sharing my video! Yes, your body is your temple and if you don't have your health, you don't have much. Good luck with the new exercise routine!

    1. Thanks, Jon. I will keep my eye out for more of your mom-inspiring playground workouts!

  2. Thanks for sharing nice video.Thanks for the tips and the motivation and the truth.I needed to hear this.