Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cleaning House: Part 2

As I type this update about my dirty little "dump" room, I am struck by how utterly symbolic it is.  I am rushing around to clean my "dirty" room because my in-laws will arrive soon.  While they are here, I can't just shut the door and pretend they don't notice its condition.  I mean, these guests aren't just dropping in, they are living with us.  In fact, not only did I have to clean the room but I also had to clear out the closet.  After all, they need a place to hang their hat, don't they?  I had to throw away old things, condense others and make room for them in our lives.  But, I just can't help but think, why don't I just invite them in and let them live with us among the mess.  Why can't I just let them help me clean it up?  After all, they love me and they accept me for all that I am - good and bad.

The room is clean and I feel some relief.  It is organized and ready for my guests.  I am thankful a good friend who helped me get it all done.  However, even with this work behind me, I can't stop wondering why I feel the need for it tot look perfect before she comes.  And, I can't stop wondering if I am this way with God, too.   How often do I rush make myself look pretty in the places that are easily seen, while God is waiting to move in my unclean heart? 

It is sometimes hard to admit that we have dirty rooms that need attention and even harder to admit that we could use some help cleaning them up.  So often, God waits patiently while we tidy up the mess deep within our hearts.  Sometimes we hide behind work or holiday traditions without stopping to acknowledge the Spirit behind the celebration. As Christmas approaches, it is time for me to stop and assess my heart.  It is time for me to look inwardly at the parts of my heart that are hidden from others;  the parts known only to God.  It is time for me to ask myself, "Is my heart ready for a Guest? Am I ready to bring someone else into my life just the way that I am?  Am I ready to stop hiding behind the mess that is inside me and, instead, spend time with the One who can best help me clean it up?

While my husband is thrilled that I cleaned my room, he continues to tell me that his mom could have helped me while she is here.  He reminds me that everything does not have to be perfect for her because she is really here to spend time with us just the way that we are.  Spending time with them is more important than how the house looks....and I know that he is right.  Just as I would never tell my in-laws that they can't visit, I can't say, "No," to God.  He knows me and loves me and I want to spend time with Him.  As a dear friend helped me clean my house and my room today, I was reminded to let God do the same in my heart. 

As we prepare for this Christmas season, let's not just decorate and dust alone.  Let's make room in our hearts and lives for our Guest.  Let's make Jesus a part of our preparations and our celebration.  Let's truly make it a celebration to remember.


  1. Well said dear friend... I LOVE the room it looks great.

  2. This gave me something to think about. I will be cleaning my home today and thinking about the clutter in my heart and sorting it out with Gods help.
    Very inspirational! The room looks great.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! to finish the laundry....