Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homemade Powdered Sugar

While living overseas, I had a difficult time finding powdered sugar.  So, one day, a dear friend and I decided that we could make it ourselves, and so we did!  This little adventure cost us one coffee grinder which we burned up in the process....lesson learned there.  But, I am now truly greatful for that lesson because I make my own powdered sugar to use on my angel's goodies.  Here is how we did it:

Homemade Powdered Sugar

1 C white sugar
1 new coffee grinder  or Magic Bullet with the flat blade (see NOTE)

  1. Place sugar in the grinder.
  2. Turn sugar on and run for about 20 seconds then stop.
  3. Start again and run for about 20 seconds.
  4. Continue this until you have completely ground the sugar into a powdered form.
  5. IMPORTANT:  If you start to smell smoke from the grinder, turn off and let engine rest before beginning again!

NOTE 1: A coffee grinder that has been used for spices or coffee will flavor the sugar which may not be bad if that is what you want!

NOTE 2: Special thanks and sincere apologies to V for the use of the first grinder and to IK for the fun that we had!  God bless you, V.   I, those times are dearly missed.

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  1. Powdered sugar sold in the store contains sugar and an anti-caking agent. In most cases, this is corn starch. There are some allergy-friendly versions of powdered sugar but these contain tapioca starch or potato starch which are both allergens for my angel. soooo....we go pure and from scratch!