Monday, December 20, 2010

KFA's Confusion to Confidence

It seems like I have recently had more people than usual contact me about their child's newly diagnosed food allergies.  I am always sorry that they must deal with this but glad that they are helping their little angels feel better.  Food allergies are not the end of the world but they do shake the world as you know it.

Kids with Food Allergies (KFA) released a new version of From confusion to Confidence: KDA's starter guide to parenting a child with a food allergy.  Whether you are a veteran parent of a child with a food allergy or a parent just beginning to deal with this change in your life, I think that you will find this guide helpful. 

With the holidays here and the challenges that food allergies place upon us at this time of the year, take time to review this guide of the basics.  Encourage friends to take a look and make themselves more aware of what it means to be around a child with food allergies.  This guide is easy to read, and easy to index.  It anwers questions like, "What happens when your angel has a reaction?",  "Where did these allergies come from?",  and "What do you feed your angel?".  It is a great starting point for anyone with questions about food allergies.

Have a great holiday and try to be allergy-free!

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