Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preparing Children for Food Gatherings

With parties at home, at school and with friends or relatives visiting, this is an important time of the year to think about your allergic child's safety.  It can be quite overwhelming. 
Here are helpful hints that have helped me prepare my angel to manage food gatherings:
  1. Let your angel know what to expect at the gathering.  Who will be there and what types of foods they might see.
  2. Tell them where they can find safe food and drink. 
  3. Point out anyone from whom they are allowed to accept food.  Our policy is that we may not accept food from anyone other than mommy or daddy so that we don't have any confusion.
  4. Remind them not to eat food from guests without showing it to you first.
  5. Teach your angel the language that they need to politely manage food situations.  Teach them specific phrases to help them identify safe foods and refuse food. 
  6. If your angel is given food that they can not refuse, tell them to immediately bring it to you for approval.
  7. Show your angel where the restrooms are so that they may safely wash their hands when necessary.
  8. Remind them to wash their hands before eating to avoid cross-contamination.
  9. Review what your angel should do if they are not feeling well or if they eat or touch something unsafe.

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