Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's Hula, Baby!

Who says that the fourth of July has to be just burgers and flags?  This year, we are going to usher in the heart of the summer with an old fashioned luau, complete with flowered shirts, roasted pork, and hula contests.  Here's our allergy-free plan:

The Food
Kalua Pork
Pineapple Citrus Chicken with Lime-Basil Glaze
Calrose Rice
Cilantro-Lime Rice
Fire Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes
Salad with Citrus-Basil Dressing
Grilled Pinapple Wedges
Fruity Melon Pops

The Drinks
Banana-Mango smoothie
Pina colada
Apple juice

The Fun
Adult Hula Contest:  Hula until the music stops, then freeze.... if you move, you're out!

Family Hula Outfit Relay:  Place all of the elements of a hula outfit (skirt and coconut top) in front of each family.  About 5 yards in front of the hula ourfit, place a 5 leis in a bucket. The first family member must put on the outfit and run to the leis.  The person puts on the leis,runs back and takes off the whole costume... keeping one lei. The next family member puts on the costume, runs to the bucket and puts all but one lei back in the bucket (this means she or he keeps one) then returns to the line and removes the costume.  This continues until all members have a lei.

Pass the Beach Ball:  Pass the beach ball between your legs to reach the end of the line then pass it back.

Lei Me "Relay":  This may be played with couples or families.  Place 5 leis around one person's neck.  All of the leis must be transferred to the next person without the use of their hands.

The Prizes and Favors
Flower leis
Homemade Hooded Beach Towels
Beach balls
Luau outfit
"Hawaiian" Tshirt

Here is another great resource to help you plan your own luau:

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