Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Printable Medical Cards


Around the age of two or so, my angel began wearing a medical bracelet.  We decided that if there were ever an emergency or a disaster, the bracelet would alert medics of her condition when we can not.  After looking long and hard, we found FiddleDeeIDs.com and we thrilled with the product.  Our angel wore the bracelet everywhere.  Now, at four, our angel is wearing this bracelet even during sleep.  It never comes off and it has become an identifying feature much like glasses.  In fact, some of the kids at church even ching their bracelets saying that they are "part of the bracelet club"...and who wouldn't want to be part of the bracelet club!

As I placed an order for another bracelet, I was reminded of the Free Emergency Wallet Card that they provide for download on their website.  It is a great tool to keep in your wallet or emergency bag to provide additional medical information.

If your child has a medical condition and isn't wearing a medical bracelet, I hope that you will re-consider.  Take a few moments to browse their products and print this free card for your medical bag or wallet.  Some day, you may be glad that you did!

Free Wallet Card

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