Monday, November 15, 2010

Brown Rice Snaps

I can't adequately express to you the excitement, disbelief, and amazement that I feel as I tell you about our new favorite product - Edwards & Sons Brown Rice Snaps.
As you know, in our house, everything is done the old fashioned way.  We don't buy many pre-made ingredients and so I only endorse a handful of food products.  Well, this one is our newest fav!

When we first began dealing with foods and allergies, we found this product.  However, the store where we purchased them quite carrying them.  We didn't have a product name and only knew what the package looked like.  We tried other stores but with no luck.  To our surprise, we recently happened upon them again.  This time, being much wiser in dealing with food allergies and products we fed them to our angel with reservations.  To our suprise, we had no problem.  I couldn't believe it.

This morning, I started the day by searching the Edward & Sons website then calling customer service.  Two things shocked me: 1- their full disclosure of each product's ingredients on every label, and 2- the easy access to allergen information, both in the plant and in the product.  In fact, the information is so straightforward on the website that the customer service representative did nothing more than clarify their policy on cross-contamination.  It is so unusual to find a compay with such a high level of product transparency that I find myself in disbelief.  I am both relieved and worried all at the same time.  Can it be possible that this company has even one product that my child can eat safely?  Indeed, it is!

While the crackers that we bought the first day, Edward & Sons Plain, Unsalted Rice Snaps probably won't work for us (there are nuts processed in the same plant on the same line), because of this companies easy to access information, I was able to find a product that will.  This was the first time that my angel remembers eating a cracker and everyday asks for more.  As I type this with tears in my eyes, I am scared and excited by the possibilities that one little cracker brings.  My angel will eat crackers that look and taste like those of other children.  She will know the crispy joy of a ham and cracker snack.  And, most importantly, she will safely enjoy the variety of tastes and textures that most of us take for granted. 

Thank you, Edward & Sons!


  1. Wow Prim. I really feel for you and your angel... I grew up with food allergies... Not as bad as hers, but pretty bad. I remember that feeling when other kids had stuff and I was not allowed. My mom tried her best and did an awesome job with what was available in those days. Bless you for taking the time and having the patience to do this for her! Hopefully one day she will outgrow the allergies as I did. Some have returned, but not as bad as they were!

  2. I am finding new allergies as I get older, some that are returning. Nothing like my little angel's allergies, of course. But it is amazing how the body does. Thank you for your encouragement. Your mom is amazing and full of love. She had a challenge in those days and paved the way for moms like myself. A big "thanks you" to your mom.