Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Bites

This appetizer should really be called "Thanksgiving on a Cracker".  Use your Thanksgiving leftovers to make tiny bites full of the good flavors of Thanksgiving.  Serve these alongside a bowl of soup or by themselves.  This quick to make snacks will satisfy you after a long day of shopping.   Yum-my!

Thanksgiving Bites

12 1-inch pieces thinly sliced turkey
3 T cranberry sauce
1/2 C cooked, seasoned pumpkin or sweet potato
12 Onion Garlic Brown Rice Snaps
  1. Mash up cooked pumpkin or sweet potato.  Leftovers from Thanksgiving work great.
  2. Spread the mashed pumpkin, sweet potato (or even pumpkin pie) on an Onion Garlic Brown Rice Snaps.
  3. Top cracker with a slice of turkey and a dallop of Dressed-up Cranberry Sauce.

A special thanks to Edward and Sons for the Onion Garlic Brown Rice Snaps sample.  They were my inspiration.

And thanks to the "Thanksgiving crew" for your help.

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