Friday, November 5, 2010

Deli Counter Safety

When buying deli meats, people with food allergies must be cautious.  Many deli meats contain grain, corn, dairy or soy products.  I have found that my angel can eat two of the Boarshead meats, one of those being prosciutto.  However, the deli counter is a dangerous place for cross contamination.  So, unless, you are going to buy the whole, unopened package of meat (and I first), here are few helpful rules that I follow:
  1. Always have your meat cut from an unopened package.
  2. Be sure the deli worker handles your meat with new clean gloves.
  3. Don't slice your meat at the deli.  Have the attendant place clean paper on a cleaned surface then slice the meat one time with a newly cleaned knife.  If you have any doubts, re-cut the end when you get home.
  4. If you must slice the meat at the deli (as is often the case with prosciutto), the best time to get your meat cut is first thing in the morning.  Be sure that the machine was taken apart for cleaning and have the attendant wipe down the machine one more time before cutting.
  5. Have the worker place your meat into a bag then onto a clean paper on the scale before weighing.
  6. If you have any doubts, they do not want to open a new package or they do not have a new package to open, then......DO NOT BUY THE MEAT.  It is better to be safe than to deal with a reaction later.
It is possible to eat meats from the deli but please do exercise caution.  Plan ahead and do not hesitate to contact company or speak with deli managers to ensure safe deli eats!

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