Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's go to Korea!

 Korea's Department of Tourism is hosting a blogging contest and I am competing in a contest for a trip to Korea complete with a culinary tour ... but ... I need your help!  The contest features bloggers from around the world sharing their food recipes and experiences.  I am entering my allergy-safe Kroean recipes in hopes to win a trip to Korea. The contest selects its winners based on content, number of posts, and VOTES!  Your help is essential. Here is how you can help:

 Click this link:


Go and locate "AllergicAngel" under the list of bloggers.


  1. Select a post and give it a "Thumbs Up".  You must open the article in order to vote.
  2. You may vote once for each post and votes may be cast on the same day.
  3. The last day to vote is May 31, 2011, Korea time.
  4. PROBLEMS:  There have been some problems with the "Thumbs Up" box not posting.  If, after opening the post, there is no box, you may:
  • Join the website and leave me a comment so the judges know that you liked the post AND/OR
  • Return later to add  your vote once the problem is corrected and, of course, vote for any new posts which may be added!
I will keep posting and I hope you will keep reading as we write our way to Korea!

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