Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Samgyupsal (Grilled Pork Belly)

While the weather is not too hot and not too cold, it is the perfect time to take your meal outside! So, fire up your table grill and let's make SamGyupSal.
SamGyupSal is a grilled meat dish made from pork belly, or bacon. However, unlike the western counterparts, this "bacon" is not cured or smoked. Strips of this bacon are cooked on a grill, in a pan on the stovetop, or at a tableside cooker/grill. The cooked bacon is then cut into bit-size strips. Traditionally, each guest then dips a piece of samgyupsal in a sesame oil and salt mixture, wraps the meat in a piece of lettuce or Moosam with rice, and eats it. Because of our angel's allergy to sesame, we prefer to simply wrap our meat in lettuce or Moosam with rice but the result is the same .... one bite of the most Korea's most delicious finger food. That is right, go ahead and use your hands. Experts may use their chopsticks to assist, but most just sip their soju and and dig in. Nothing beats eating this outdoors with a fresh plate of summer vegetables and SamJang for dipping! Yu-u-mmy!

Samgyupsal (Grilled Pork Belly)

1 lb pork belly, sliced thick
1 head of lettuce, leaves separated and washed
cooked rice

Heat a skillet on medium.
Place a few pieces of pork belly in the hot pan.
Sprinkle with salt.
Cook until both sides are brown.
Remove meat from pan and, using kitchen shears, cut into 1 inch pieces.
Serve hot with lettuce, rice, and Moosam.

Black Pork Belly: Black pork comes from the belly of the famous Korean Black Pig of Jejudo (Jeju Island). Due to the unique farming practices, of which I will currently spare you the details, these pigs are said to be much tastier. To read more about these unique pigs see:

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