Friday, December 23, 2011

Advent 2011: A-Caroling we Go

I just love Christmas carols!  We sing them all year in my house and, as soon as November comes, I begin counting the days until they turn the Christmas music on the radio full time.  Many years ago, we began the tradition of caroling to my neighbors – a Christmas tradition which seems almost lost.  Christmas day or a few days before, we bundle up, grab some luminaries and head out for some singing.  I wasn’t sure how the neighbors would feel about some amateur singers interrupting their evening but, it turns out, they were almost giddy with excitement!  I guess they like Christmas carols as much as I do.

This year, round up some candles and maybe some friends.  Print some Christmas carols and light up the night with a song!

Christmas Adventus 2011: Place a candle in tonight’s advent bag (#23).  Print out the words to some familiar Christmas carols.  Some time after dark, light your candles and start walking.  Stop at each door, ring the bell and begin singing.  Don’t be surprised if people want a few more songs and a picture.  If you’re feeling hospitable, invite some friends to go along and, when the caroling is over, go back to your house for some honey tea and cocoa.

For instructions on how to make a simple, handheld luminary and the words to some popular carols, go to our Christmas Adventus 2011page.

For our other Advent activities, see "Christmas Adventus 2011: Celebrating Allergy-Free".

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