Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent 2011: Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

We all get a laugh when we think about Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree – so tiny, fragile, and, well, naked!  It goes against all that we know about Christmas trees.  In fact, looking at Charlie Brown’s tiny tree, baring all its limbs as it bends toward the earth, it is hard to believe that the tree was ever green at all!

However, isn’t this tree just how we should be before God?  Shouldn’t we be bowing in His presence, naked and showing all of our flaws?  Perhaps our Christmas trees should not be those perfectly green cones that we search for each year.  Instead, maybe we all need a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in the corner with all of its imperfections shining brightly before us all as a reminder of why we need Jesus.

Christmas Adventus Day 6: Place a picture of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree in Advent bag #6. When your angels remove it, read the above thoughts about Christmas trees.  Ask your angels to share something that they have done well; you share, too.  Next, ask everyone to share something that they have done wrong.  Now, have everyone kneel on the ground and bend over like the tree.  In that position, pray this:

“God, thank you that I am not perfect.  Forgive me for all the things that I have done wrong.  See my faults and help me to be more like you.  Amen.”

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