Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent 2011: Our Elf Story

How does Santa
do this?!
Since I was gifted a copy of the first publication of “Elf on the Shelf”, I have been a devoted fan.  That year, our elf joined the family and, even before we were blessed with little angels, began making an appearance for the holidays.  Hanging around in unsuspecting locations and getting into mischief… our little elf is an extension of this family and a big part of our holiday fun! 
But, this is a special year, indeed!  Our elf has made it to the big leagues with her appearance an extra in the new movie, “An Elf Story”.  The movie has already aired twice on CBS but, if you are like us, you missed those public viewings.  Our elf, recognizing the dilemma and wanting to share her new fame, brought us a copy for a private showing in our living room…. complete with hot chocolate and peppermint tea for all!

Christmas Adventus Day 13: Ask your elf to place a copy of “An Elf Story” under the Christmas tree…. You might even ask your elf to put some safe peppermints for Peppermint Tea or some hot cocoa in  advent bag #13 to enjoy while you watch!  For those who don’t already have an elf of your own, you might think about adopting one from Santa's Store or finding an Elf on the Shelf adoption center near you.  Once you have your elf, give him/her a name and register it online to make the adoption official.
For tonight’s advent, check your bag to see if your elf left a Christmas treat in your advent bag or a copy of “An Elf Story” under the tree.  If so, get into your PJ’s, heat up some water for that safe Peppermint Tea or hot cocoa, and curl up in a blanket to watch “An Elf Story” for this evenings advent celebration.

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