Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent 2011: Let Compassion Shine

"Light shines in the darkness for the godly.
They are generous, compassionate, and righteous."
 Psalm 112:4, NLT

I am always amazed at the things my angel teaches me.  It is never in those planned chats but rather those unexpected moments that arise between a parent and a child, in the most odd situations, when I am reminded to look at things anew.

Today, we were blessed to spend the day with friends at a nearby amusement park.  The day went as you would expect, a ride here, a photo op there.... and then, as we road in circles on one of those cars that require peddling, my angel says to me, "Don't worry, mom, you don't need to peddle.  I will do all of the work because you have been sick."  Wow!  What compassion!
This week, I have been sick with the flu that triggers the asthma then settles in the chest and requires oodles of medication just to keep up with daily tasks.  So, obviously, peddling those little car things was not at the top of "things I should today" list.  But, I never told my angel that I should not peddle; I have not stopped doing any of my normal activities this week.  I just keep on trucking and puffing my way through.  But... compassion....  My angel knew, it was clear with each winded breath, that some things take more effort for me than usual.  What observation - to see my need and to have the compassion to help!
Isn't this why God sent Jesus?  His compassion. He saw our pain and our needs.  He knew that no matter how hard we work, we will fail.  Isn't this why we are not alone?  Isn't this why Jesus came to die? His compassion.

God shines His light on us so that we can reflect it into a struggling world.  A reflection of His generosity, compassion and righteousness.  This week, let His light shine!

Christmas Adventus Day 11:  Place a grocery store gift card in today's advent bag.  Follow the script for Christmas Adventus 2011, December 11 to help your angels gain a better understanding of compassion.

For our other Advent activities, see "Christmas Adventus 2011: Celebrating Allergy-Free".

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