Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent 2011: The Advent Calendar

We always celebrate the first day of advent with the making of our advent calendar. The word advent comes from the Latin term "adventus" which means "coming.  For Christians, the Advent season is a time of waiting for the coming Messiah and, so, the advent calendar is a way to mark the coming of Christ on Christmas Day. 

This year, we will be making Christmas garland using twine and small paper bags to serve as our family's advent calendar.  Inexpensive, functional and fun, this craft may be as simple or as involved as you choose.  So, reach deep inside of yourself, find your inner crafter and let the holiday fun begin!

Click HERE to find out how to make our advent calendar.

For our other Advent activities, see "Christmas Adventus 2011: Celebrating Allergy-Free".

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