Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent 2011: Two Letters and a Phone Call

When I was a child, I remember the excitement that came when my grandparents would ask, “Have you written your letters to Santa, yet?”  And, even if I had written him a hundred times, it was never enough. So, I would write a letter and my grandfather would send it up the chimney.  I never understood how it got there but, this tradition added to the magic of Christmas.

Today, even if we send those letters up the chimney, there are many more ways to communicate with Santa. He is on the internet, he mails letters, makes phone calls and even has a post box in a department store.  However, although these new traditions make Santa more accessible, none of them creates the same magic as the moment that my letter was whisked up the chimney!

Christmas Adventus Day 5:  Place a piece of stationary, envelope and a pen in the bag for today.  Have your angel write a letter to Santa and place it in the envelope.  Address the letter to Santa at “The North Pole” and tell them that you will mail it for them.  If your child would prefer to make a phone call, you can have them dial the North Pole….or, better yet, while they are working, have “Santa” ring them!  Finally, everyone knows that Santa likes to answer the letters of every good little boy and girl.  So, print (or get an email) from Santa.

Go to Christmas Adventus 2011 for details on how to communicate with Santa.

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