Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advent 2011: The Trip

We’ve all taken trips.  But none were as momentous as that of Mary and Joseph.  A woman at the end of her pregnancy making her way to a town 80 miles away would probably have been travelling by foot or donkey for about a week.  How tired she must have felt!  Can you imagine what it would have been like for her?  Let’s try!

Christmas Adventus Day 15: Today, place a picture from a family trip in the 15th advent bag.
With your family, make a “manger” that is large enough for your whole family to sit under.  Use sheets for the roof and blankets for hay. Everyone sit in your manger with your luminaries for light.  Open today’s advent bag and ask if anyone remembers that trip.  What was their favorite part?

Tell about the best trip that you have ever taken.  By plane, in a car, on foot….did you ever feel? Excited? tired? Scared? Bored?  Ask them to share their favorite trips.  Could they imagine riding a donkey to get there?  Or walking?

Mary and Jesus probably sat in the manger and talked about their trip to Bethlehem just like we are talking about our trips.  But their manger was very different than ours.  What do you think that their manger looked like?  Was it warm or cold?  How did it smell?

Mary and Joseph had a long, hard journey - walking much of the trip.  Once they arrived in Bethlehem, they looked for a place to stay but what did they discover? (no one had any room)  So, they stayed in the only place available…. The stable.

Go to Christmas Adventus 2011 for today’s activity and to learn more about the manger where Jesus was born,.  We have a video link with follow-up questions to help your family get the most out of today’s advent topic.

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