Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent 2011: Feed His Servants

You know the tradition… before going to bed Christmas Eve night, the children leave cookies and milk for Santa to eat along his journey.  But, what about the reindeer?  What will they eat?
Each year, our family makes Reindeer Food so that the reindeer won’t go hungry either.  We make the food the week before and put 1 cup portions in Christmas bags.  Just before bed on Christmas Eve, the kids sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn so that the reindeer won’t get hungry.  The oats are delicious, the sugar makes it a treat, and the glitter helps the reindeer find your house.

Christmas Adventus 2011:  Place a cookie in advent bag #24.  Tonight, you will prepare the food for Santa, his reindeer, and your elf (he has worked hard, too!).  Take a moment, eat a cookie, and share what you have done to serve God this holiday season. 
Saint Nicholas (or Santa to us) was known for his love of God and his work with the poor and the children.  He was a devout Christian who sold all he owned so that he make work with those most in need.  I doubt that Saint Nicholas had reindeer then but I believe that the sentiment can be the same.  As you prepare food for Santa this year, remember that he, like you, is serving the Lord and trying to bring joy to boys and girls.  Feed this kind servant well and don’t forget to feed his reindeer, too!

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