Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent 2011: The Gift of Family

Christmas time is a great time for reading.  With so many cold, dreary days, it is the perfect time to grab your favorite story, sit by a fire and help your angel develop a love of books.

In our family, we began a book tradition a few years ago that I hope lasts generations.  It began when my parents bought one of the Hallmark Record-a-books.  These books are designed so that a person can read the book aloud and record themselves. Once the recording is complete, your angel can sit and listen to grandma or grandpa from Kalamazoo read them a bedtime story… any time that they want. What a great way to preserve the voice of a loved one?!  My angel loved this book so much that, even in July, I heard my father’s voice reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” over and over again.  Family is a blessing from God; and, to capture a moment like this forever is like putting time in a bottle.
This Christmas, bring back the tradition of reading.  Whether you all sit together while someone reads a picture book aloud or you record-a-book, take the time to read together.  Someday, you will be glad that you did!

Christmas Adventus Day 14:  Today, place a new book, an iPod recording of a book, or a Record-a-Book in advent bag #14 or under the tree.  During advent time, gather together and read Christmas books to one another.  Take advantage of this opportunity to include relatives who might live far away.  Use the phone, internet etc. and have them read to your angel.  Make a memory to last forever!

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