Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advent 2011: Three Kings

“We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, more and mountain
Following yonder star.”

I found myself in the essential oil department of our local whole food grocery.  I wanted to scent some playdough for my angel to give as gifts.  Since today’s advent is about the Kings, how about some Frankincense and Myrrh scented playdough. Have you ever smelled these?  WOW!  And, I don’t mean a good “wow”, I mean… “Wow! That stuff is kinda strong and not so sweet smelling!”  I can’t imagine what someone would do with these, or even finding value in such a scent.  So, why give these gifts to the newborn king?

Although not so sweet smelling, Frankincense is a powerful, medicinal herb.  It is proving helpful in ridding people of everything from osteoarthritis and allergies to stress and wrinkles.  Probably the most fascinating use to me is in its ability to help heal wounds.  For me, this proved pretty symbolic.  The savior of the world, born as a poor baby in a manger, is given a expensive, stinky herb that helps to cure innumerable ailments.  Ironic.
And Myrrh?  Myrrh is believed to be good for the circulation, for helping blood move through the body.  I find this interesting since, in Biblical times, it would have also been used as embalming oil. What a foreshadow to the life of Jesus life!  This little baby lives so that we may live and dies so that we do not have to.  Certainly, a gift beyond words.
Although the kings in the song probably weren’t truly kings, but these men certainly were wise.  They understood the star in the sky that was a sign from God of the king and Messiah that was born.

Christmas Adventus 2011:  Place a piece of aluminum foil in the 21st Advent bag.  You will need one piece of aluminum foil per person. Each piece should be long enough to wrap around a person’s head like a hat.
Begin the night by removing the foil from the bag.  Have each person fold their foil lengthwise in thirds to form a strip approximately 5 inches wide.  Using scissors cut in a “V” formation along one side of the foil to make points along one side.  Wrap the foil around your head and pinch the ends together in the back of your head.  The pointed side of your foil should face upward to make a crown.

Talk about the choices of three kings:

King David: Although he made mistakes, King David always sought the Lord. As foretold in prophecy, Jesus would be born from this line of ancestry. (2 Samuel 5:5, 1 Chronicles 3:4)

Jesus: He was a king born in the humblest of ways. He came as king and savior of the world. Even though He was persecuted, He followed the will of God until His death.

King Herrod: Heard that wise men were traveling to see a newborn king, Jesus. Herrod was jealous of this king and sent His soldiers to kill all of the boys under the age of two in the land of Bethlehem.

Some of these kings ruled with God’s wisdom and some ruled with the world’s wisdom.  Those who ruled with God’ wisdom, had great reigns and many blessings.  Those who did not were plagued with struggle.

Watch this video, Jelly Telly's "The Jungle Song" by Focus on the Family, about making wise choices:

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